What do you need from yours?

Jonnie Cliff

20 March 2023

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be able to play golf very well without having sturdy bags to hold all of our equipment. Imagine having to juggle your clubs, balls, tees, clothing, and other gear over 18 holes—it would be a total nightmare! Golf is hard enough to play without having to pick up a dropped ball or club every five steps. Thankfully, modern golf bags are available to handle our every golf need, from storage to portability.

But how do you find the golf bag that’s perfect for you? With so many options available it can make your head swim. We all have preferences, for example, if you regularly play on links courses having a fully waterproof bag might be a priority for you. We’re going to break golf bags down by considering the various features they offer so that you can decide on what to go for and what to avoid. Focusing first on their two broad forms, cart and stand bags.

PowaKaddy know that different bags suit different golfers and have a whole range to choose from: Including the X-Lite and DLX-Lite cart bags.


PowaKaddy X-Lite

PowaKaddy X-Lite cart bag
PowaKaddy X-Lite cart bag

If you’re looking for a dependable cart bag that’s a fantastic value for money, you’ll certainly want to consider PowaKaddy’s X-Lite. As the name implies, it’s a very lightweight back, just 2.3kg! So it will sit on your trolly easily and is no problem at all to transport to and from the course.

As well as being able to move it around effortlessly, the X-Lite has 14 full-length dividers so you can find a place for each club. They’ll be totally secure and they won’t knock into each other as you progress around the course.

You won’t need to worry about any storage issues either as the bag has 2 large apparel pockets for you to store any jackets you bring with you, plus 7 additional pockets for you to store other golfing gear. There’s even a dedicated valuables pocket for smaller items like your car keys.

Overall this is a fantastic bag and great choice to consider if you’re in need of a new cart bag. It even has an umbrella holder, a towel holder, and a quick-fixing rain hood so you can keep your clubs protected from the elements.


PowaKaddy DLX-Lite

PowaKaddy X-Lite cart bag
PowaKaddy X-Lite cart bag

If you liked the sound of all the features in the X-Lite but want a bigger bag, you’ll want to consider all the DLX-Lite has to offer. This bag has a whopping eleven pockets, including a pocket for your valuables and one to keep your drinks cool.

This bag is larger than the X-Lite while only being 400 grams heaver at just 2.7kg. The DLX-Lite similarly has a 14-way divider for your golf clubs, and on top of that has an external putter bay so you can grab your short stick when you reach the green.

Both bags feature PowaKaddy’s reliable anti-twist system on the base so the bag doesn’t turn over when it’s resting on your trolley. They’re also both available in yellow, red, and blue colour styles.


PowaKaddy Dri Tech

PowaKaddy Dri Tech cart bag
PowaKaddy Dri Tech cart bag

Both these bags are fantastic, but they’re just two examples of the quality range available from PowaKaddy. While it’s important to consider all the functions each bag has to offer, it’s also essential that you love the colour scheme and design, and that you feel good using it.

There are other excellent cart bags from PowaKaddy to consider, each made for a specific purpose. For example, if you want a bag that’s incredibly waterproof, the Dri Tech cart bag is a fantastic choice.


Naturally, before you decide on buying a new bag, you’ll probably want to see what it’s like in person. We have lots of bags available right now in the pro shop. We’re always more than happy to help, so visit us the next time you’re at the club and we’ll talk you through all the bags we have available.

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